Preserving the planet is
preserving people

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Over the years we have sought knowledge and partnerships that generate value, and with the advent of the pandemic, our awareness of sustainability has become even more robust. We understand and believe that without environmental and social sustainability, without a healthy, dignified and egalitarian environment, there are no happy people, and without them, there are no businesses or purpose for industries to exist. Therefore, preserving the planet is preserving people. Preserving the planet is preserving the dream of happy homes, and that's why business happens.

The constant search for
environmental impacts

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In these 27 years of history, the desire for all people to live in the home of their dreams has become our greatest purpose.

But we at Grupo K1 know that for people to live this purpose, it is essential that their homes are in a healthy environment. Therefore, we constantly seek technologies and knowledge to minimize and eliminate the impacts that the production process may cause to the environment.

Legislation complied with

The manufacturing activities developed here at Grupo K1 meet all the legal requirements of municipal, state and federal legislation. In addition, biannually, all the requirements demanded by the environmental agency, for the enterprise to operate, are audited by a third party and reported to FEPAM, so that, in this way, they maintain full knowledge about the legal compliance of the operations carried out, which demonstrates our transparency and reliability.

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Commitment passed from
employee to collaborator

Our practices go far beyond what is required by law. A multidisciplinary group makes up the team responsible for our environmental management. And it is precisely the diverse backgrounds and the diversity of positions occupied by each employee that contribute to the continuous improvement of our processes, aiming at the maximum use of raw materials, water and energy. And through internal and periodic audits, we guarantee the effectiveness of our actions.

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The love of

A essência do nosso negócio está na natureza, por isso, cuidamos com tanto zelo dos mais de 150 mil m² de área preservada , divididas entre o complexo da indústria em Tupandi/RS e no município de Barão/RS.

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